Sentiments / names in glass.

love lettersEach letter is carefully carved freehand by me to create words or a sentiment.

The letters are placed in a kiln and clear glass placed over the top to create a “set in stone” like effect.
elsieThese pieces can be hung in a window or mounted on the wall. For extra depth, the piece can be sandblasted around the letters, or enamel powder added for colour.

The carved letters are only used once – ideal for special presents or personalised pieces e.g names in glass. More examples on the blog.

bring me sunshine


1 thought on “Lettering

  1. Jacqui & Rob
    25 years or Love Forever
    1st July 2014 1st July 2014
    is that a bit boring??

    please price this for me in the style of the item marked Else with hearts on it.
    than k you, asap as date looming .or any idea let me know please
    cheers Jackie
    lost voice at moment.

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